Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To anyone who may stop by...... I'm trying out the new(er) templates and hopefully will have things tidied up soon.

God bless!


Friday, September 9, 2011


FRACTALS!  This guy named Mandlebrot coined the word.  It has to do with repeated geometric shapes.  He developed an algebraic equation that creates an image that, no matter how big or how small you make it, never, ever ends!  Kind of like God!

John 15:5

And the word is often used in referencing the repetitiousness of nature.  

Literally, everywhere you look you see fractals.  In the clouds, in the water, in the trees, in the wildlife.... they're EVERYWHERE!

Ain't God Grand?

Monday, August 29, 2011

And the Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up!

And it beat against that house!  But our house has stood firm because it's on a firm foundation!  Both physically and Super Naturally!

Yesterday afternoon the creek had risen to up under my cabin studio deck, just a few inches from the first step up onto my deck.

At 7:00 this morning, Tom came in, woke me up and told me we were flooded!  Eight inches inside the studio!  Water almost up to the house!  and a puddle in the basement!

At 7:30 Doug Cowie called.  Tom was supposed to work at his house today.  He prayed immediately and just as immediately the waters started to recede!

At 8:00 the puddle had become about an inch in the cellar, but just around the rediculous drain that's in the floor right in front of the door.  (Tom says that when things get back to order he'll fill in that drain!)  He waded  (almost swam!) back down to the cabin studio to put my canes and charts up out of the water, rescueing my LPs while he was there.

At 11:00 we took a ride to the library and stopped at the end of the driveway on the way back to walk up to the "Little White Bridge, which if you don't pay attention, you won't notice".  There's a sink hole there and some ominous looking cracks in the black top.  The waters are raging under the bridge and crossing over portions of the road.  Earlier Tom had placed some arrows to show where the water had been.  Now it's back down much lower.

This is the sink hole in the road that was formed by the flood.

This is our next door neighbor's house, on the other side of the creek.

Do we have some water damage?  I guess we do!  Are we all tied up in knots about it?  Why should we be?  Nothing is so precious that it would break our hearts to loose it, except our animals, which are high and dry and probably don't even know there was a flood!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

We Were Not Naked, We Were Nude.

Well. what's the good of living in the woods if you can't stand out in a hurricane?  On a warm night in August, with the winds whipping at 60 mph and the rain so fresh and inviting, how could we resist stripping down and running out, with soap in hand to glory in God's creation?

I remember back in college, my art history prof told us  that the term, "naked" connoted shame.
But the term, "nude" suggests the unclothed body without a sense of shame.

I guess that makes us shameless!

I love where I live!  I have the freedom to enjoy all that God offers and in a shameless state of enthusiasm and praise!

So we stood out in the storm, with the streaming rain cleansing the day's sweat and bringing fragrant refreshment.

Please, please, please!  Don't let your life go by without standing nude in a hurricane!

Goodnight, Irene.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Holiday Rush Will Be Starting Soon!


Last night I participated in a "Webinar" held by Tim Adam, from Handmadeology Pro. There was Tim, in a little box up in the left hand corner, as live as live can be!  To the right of him was a much larger box where he displayed his power point images and used his curser to point out aspects of what he was talking about.  The discussion topic was, The Holiday Rush, Setting Goals.  It coincided with the release of his Holiday Rush Goal Setting Spreadsheet.  (designed by Jason.)

Most of what he talked about had been covered in the blog posts and videos that he had already released concerning the spreadsheet.  But it was good to have him go over it in real time and expalin how it works.  (One small caveat;  If you're using a MAC, some things on the spreadsheet will look different and none of the links will appear.  Tim and Jason say they'll try to figure something out.)

But the real gems, as far as I'm concerned came in the Q and A afterwards.  There were not a whole lot of people signed on so the questions came from just a few of us.  They were wonderfully pointed questions, some of which demanded pin point answers.  Others were questions of opinion which Tim was glad was offer.

His partner, Jason, also chimed in with technical help and useful suggestions as well.

As a first time webinar it had it's bumpy moments, but all in all I think it was successful and I look forward to attending the other two in the series.

As a test for his blog, Handmadeology Pro, I think it was a tight little demo well worth the subscription price of $10.00 a month.

The thing about Tim Adam is that he's just so gall darned cute!  And he really seems to have a passion for helping others achieve their dreams as entrepreneurial artisans.  His sincerity shines out.

He's one of the "Good Ones"!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Not too long ago, if I'd brought home a take of $80.00 for a show I'd paid $55.00 to get into, I wouldn't have been "thrilled" but I wouldn't have been bummed either.  And I'm learning to be mad at me for making such a dumb mistake!

When am I going to learn that just because I live in a  sea resort area doesn't mean what I have will sell at a sea resort show??    Please!  Someone!  Next time I think about a summer beach show, someone slap me?

What I Sold (in oder of purchase)

"Old Barney
by the Sea
Growth Chart
Howling Wolf
 Hiking Stick

Mercy Mug

Ceramic Barrette

Birch Twig Barrette

Pine Twig Barrette

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Blog

The Farm
About half of my garden has now now gone to seed.  But that's a good thing!  Having only purchased Heirloom Seeds this past winter, it's exactly what I've been waiting for!  We've had a wonderful bounty of lettuce, peas and beans.  The broccoli, not so much. 80(   I started out with 12 healthy seedlings.  Most were gobbled up by some yucky looking caterpillars.  But 4 remained to grow into lush plants.  But of those 4, only one developed a head!  So, I carefully watched it and saved it and let go to seed.  The only problem was, when the flowers dried up and fell off I couldn't find any seeds!   I think I waited too long to harvest them.  By the time I went to do so the pods had already fallen off.  Next year I need to look for things that look like they might be unopened flowers that have turned brown.  Apparently they are the seed pods.  So, I live and I learn.

Tom Thumb Lettuce
pole beans, Kentucky Wonder

snap peas
 Ah!  Next years harvest, safely put away!  Next February, when my mind turns to the growing of things green, I can gaze at my seeds and smile.

The Cabin
Last fall, while wandering through Lowes, we stumbled upon a display of outdoor braziers and indoor wood stoves.  I fell in love with this funky little cast iron number, and since it was relatively inexpensive, we decided to buy it for the cabin.  Since I live in the woods and we need to cut fire wood anyway, we figured it would be a great solution to the "electric space heater problem".

Tom priced stove piping and discovered that it's (to us) astronomically expensive.  So, being the mason that he is, he is building me a chimney!  And, right beside the steps on the deck is the beginning of a respectable wood pile.  It's up on blocks because every once in a blue moon the creek floods and we wouldn't want our hard earned firewood to float down to the sea!

The Cane Cozies
I'm working away on the concept of the Cane Handle Cozies.  I'd figured out a way of attaching buckram to one side and then using velcro as a closure.  I wasn't happy with it.  It was still bulky and I didn't like the way it looked when it was fastened.  So, on I go, looking for the perfect solution.

The Biz
11 days and counting down to my next craft show.  It'll be at the JCC of LBI, in Surf City, at the Fire House.  I always feel like I won't be ready.  I'll be ready!

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Leap of Faith, Leap of Faith.

The Biz

How exciting is this!  I've been included in a list of entrepreneurs who have taken a "Leap of Faith"   I'd love it if you go and take a peek at the article.  (I'm # 54)  It's my first time participating in something like this.  Makes me feel kinda proud!  Here's hoping it's good for business!
Just click on this link;
Dr. Shannon Reece

The Farm

And... Poof!  One chick becomes five!

The Art

I spent yesterday afternoon trying to sew cane handle cozies on my sewing machine.  Of course, the tension on the bottom, inside the workings went all wonky and I ended up spending a frustrated afternoon!  So, one of today's tasks it to solve this and get on with sewing my cozies.

I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder over the weekend.  I don't know what I did, but it's a darn nuisance!  As it's early morning, I'm hoping it loosens up as I move around.

Friday, August 5, 2011

New and Amusing, at least to me.


If I named my chickens I'd call her "Pinky"
We have achieved chick!  I walked into the Spare Oom this morning and found  this little beauty waiting for me!

How exciting!  Now we have to go to the feed store and buy a bag of
"chick starter"  There will be sisters , and probably a brother or two.  This makes me happy!

Last night Tom and I took a stroll through the veggie garden and found these wonders!  That's our first  tomato!  

You see, this is our first successful garden in many years.  In 2000 we got our goats and then we had to adapt to the learning of curve of, "if goats can find a way out, they will." and the first place they would head was the veggie garden.  Then, in 2002 I became sick with Lyme disease and was ill for 4 years.  So there was no gardening during that time.  Last year we tried again but were not so successful.  THIS YEAR we decided that we would make a team effort, work together and see if we could really make it work this time.  Jeepers!  Such lushness!  And yet another learning curve of, "how can we make it better next year!?!"


I've been working on a new idea.  I'm developing what I call a "Cane Handle Cozy"  My first attempt was a knitted cozy that slipped over the handle.

When I asked people's opinion, the number one concern was the that the cozy would be slidey and folks would be uncomfortable, fearful of their grip slipping.  And they were slippery that way.

So next attempt is made of handmade felt, lined with rubber.  It sure doesn't slip!  I still have to tweak it, but I should have a finished product really soon.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Visit to the Maine School of Masonry

This past May Tom and I drove to Maine to visit with my sister, Ginni, and her husband, David. On the day that I went on my "Progressive Loon Hunt" David introduced Tom to Steven Mitchel, owner and head dean of the Maine School of Masonry.  One, Steven says, of only two private post high school masonry schools in the country.

On our way out of town, driving to visit with Tom's cousin on the coast of Maine, we stopped by the school, in Avon.  I got to meet to Steve and take some photos of his student's recently completed  final exam projects.

He gave us a tour and showed us the dorm rooms he had built into the school building.  He has beds for 8 students.  (Sorry, no photos of the dorms.)  The students can simply roll out of bed, drink their coffee and enter the class rooms without ever going outside!

"Mitch" as he is commonly called, is a great guy with a love of the craft and a love for teaching.  When he talks about his students you can see it.

If you'd like to know more abou the Maine School of Masonry just click on the link!


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