Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It Takes So Little.....

It's the day before Thanksgiving! And, as an average avant guard artist type, my house is a mess! I made a list of ALL the things that need to be cleaned, cleared, stowed, and tossed.

But first, a trip to the dollar store! The last time I was there, (Oh... about 3 days ago!) I found a bin of small sized barrettes. They were pink/iradescent plastic with the french type of closure. And..... they were only ten cents each!!! So I bought 33 of them.

Last night I decided to crochet little covers for them. One I made of DK weight white cotton and the other of #10 crochet cotton. I think they came out pretty well.

Today I went back and picked out 100 of them. And when I took them to the counter the lovely lady cashier told me that all of them together was $5.00! And when I paid her, she said to go ahead and take another handful! So I did!

There must be another 500 or so of them. So, in a couple of days I'll go back and buy the rest.

You see, just a ten cent item, turned into a 5 cent item is all it takes to make my day! (smile)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Curse the Cold, I say! Curse it!

Last night I tried, yet again to enter and use an Etsy Virtual Lab. It was a Critiquing Lab and, finally, I actually made it work! The folks there were very kind and answered my questions. I was able to get some very good advise on how to improve the quality of my photos.

Later today, if I can find the time, I will be walking my felted baskets out the door and taking new pictures in the natural sunlight. Curse the cold, I say! Curse it! I WILL be successful at this!!

I have listed two new baskets. More Christmas Hearts, in different colors and sizes.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"All the Leaves are Brown, and the Sky is Grey....."

This morning the sky is a shade of silver that tells me that rain is on the way. When I hooked the dog on to her lead the yard was blanketed with rustling brown oak leaves. The trees all around have lost their color and are settling into their sleeping season.

It's hard to believe that the season has progressed so far so fast. And now, Thanksgiving is just two weeks away! I made a collection of Autumn themed baskets and listed them on Etsy, but no one has purchased them, so now I'm discounting them by 30% of their original prices. Any of them would make wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving decorations. And, on top of that, they serve a purpose. They are more than "just a pretty face"!

Help to launch my basket sales! I've been so busy knitting and felting that I've got quite stock pile, and tons of new ideas to implement!

Christmas Baskets are ready to list!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What's done is done

This the first time my President has been younger than me. This feeling is kind of like the first time I watched the Miss America and realized that, even if I were single, I would be too old to participate. I told my daughter that it really doesn't matter who is elected. Nothing much will change no matter who you vote for. And, for the nost part, I believe that. And for the least part I hope and pray so.

He seems like a genuinely sincere person. I can only expect that he feels he can, indeed, affect change. I don't think the country's policies will promote Spiritual Growth. And I, as a conserative person, may lose some of my freedom.

Do I feel safe? Not right at the moment. But at least my health benefits won't be taxed.


Maybe the economy will pick up and folks will decide that they just can't live with out one of those fabulous Handknit Felted Baskets! Or that the best way to celebrate the birth of a new baby is to Buy him/her an Incredibly Cute Canvas Growth Chart!

And don't forget to visit to sign up to win my Little Christmas Basket!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Doing a Give Away!

Hi everyone!

This is my first experience doing a give away and Cheri, from is walking me through it. She's been great and did a little interview with me. You can see the Little Christmas Basket, that maybe you can win, on Cheri's blog. So, check it out and enter to win!

I've been working on new Handknit Felted Baskets and they are now ready to be photographed and listed on my Etsy site. Most of them are now going into my Christmas Theme baskets.

And my 2 Jack-o-lantern Little Felted Baskets are on sale at 50% off! So you can buy them now and put them safely away for next Halloween!
So, here's your chance to buy a Little Felted Basket at an unbelievable price!
It being election day, my hubby and I went out after lunch time and did our duty. I hope you did too.
now I'lll be gearing up for Thanksgiving.
I hope the rest of yourAutumn is peaceful.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Forest for the Trees

If each new task is a tree in the forest, and each time a tree proves fruitless a new one is planted, how can I tell the forest for the trees?

I've set up my shop.
I've taken good, clear and sharp photos.
I've engaged in the chat rooms
I've posted in the forums
1. to ask for critiques
2. to ask business topic questions
3. to promote my shop
I've 3 joined teams
I've set up a blog and post almost every day.
I've set up a account.
I'm working on a face book site.
I've let my family and friends know I'm open for business.

How do I keep from despairing?

Making art for arts sake is very good and sounds like a noble endeavor. But what you end up with is piles of art and no place to store it.

And I admit, that as an artist, I seek validation! I want to know that my ideas are valid and that others think they're worth purchasing and giving as gifts. So not making sales is not only hard on the pocket book, it hurts my soul.

Every time I kvetch people tell me to hang in. My products are good, great, cute, wonderful. The prices are fair. The pictures are clear and good.

But as the Christmas season comes on, and I spend more time looking at other Etsy shops and see how many sales they've had since the time that I signed up, it just makes me ache.

This is the gift God gave me. And for my entire life I've tried to find the niche that will enable me to justify the time and money I spend on my art.

Can you relate?


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