Saturday, January 10, 2009


OK, I'm an artist! Sometimes I like to joke around and tell people that I'm a whole brained person. But the truth is, I'm so darned right brained that I can't even balance my check book!

I got a job at the mall, for the Christmas season, selling calendars from a kiosk in the center isle, near the food court. And the lovely woman who owns this franchise pays her employees under the table. So every week I would find a bank envelope with my pay inside.

I wasn't sure how her pay weeks ran, you know, Saturday to Friday, or Thursday to Wednesday, whatever. So I wasn't quite sure how figure if she was paying me the right amount each week. To add to the confusion, I thought she said that my first weeks pay would be included in my second weeks pay envelope. So when I got my first pay envelope and counted $106.00 I just figured it was correct. But the next weeks pay was only 80 something. So I started keeping my envelopes, with the amount counted inside, written on the outside. And when I knew the final date I would be working I counted it up and started

"calcilatin' how much I shoulda got"

By the time I was done I figured I was still owed over $500.00! So I wrote out my computation and made a copy for the boss and handed it to her. The next day, before I went to work I sat down with paper and pencil again and figured it out a different way. And I came up only missing a

"couple 'a hunerd"

So now I call her and tell her about my "boo boo" and she says she figures right on the mark and she owes me nothing.

Oh boy!

Once again, I pulled out the pad, pencil and calculater and tried it yet another way. And., as the numbers fell into place I started to see a pattern.


If I figured that I got my first weeks pay after my second week, but it wasn't included with the second weeks pay then it added up to the amount I should receive for my first week.


So I kept going and discovered that each weeks pay envelope held the amount I should have been paid the week prior!

Son of a Gun!!

So call number three informed my boss that I figured out my dumb mistake and everything was good.


I should stick to my knitting needles and hire myself an accountant!


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