Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My adventures in Prescription Land

My husband is a union mamber. (Bricklayers and Allied Craftspersons) and we have prescription insurance. Several times, in the past, our insurance cap was met way before January 1. Now, with my daughter being unwell this year, the prescriptions have mounted up and our coverage is almost over. By next month we will no longer have prescription coverage.
So, what can we do? A lot of our meds are generics, so I checked out the pharmacies in our area who have that wonderful $4 a month plan and guess what?? None of the meds we take are covered! My daughter's doctor does not give out samples. ( For what purpose I can't imagine.) Now I am checking out Canadian Pharmacies and I've found some good bargains, but it will still cost a pretty penny. But God is good, all the time, and he has ALWAYS met my needs.

It's a tight squeeze when you fall between the cracks! (Hmmm... that sounds like a song!)


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