Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy, busy,busy!

Yesterday I tried to find time to knit. I really did! But I had to go for a stupid, unnecessary, MRI. I've discovered that Lipitor is not the friend I thought and hoped it was. My liver enzimes shot up real high. So the doc said, "Stop t aking it!" after two weeks I had blood test that came back normal but he still wants the MRI. Grrrrrrr.
So I went and lay in that silly hot dog bun and that was that. (A regualr MRI reminds me of a hot dog bun. The open MRI reminds me of a hamburger bun.)

Then, in the afternoon I had to paint a picture of a Yorkshire Terrier, for a fund raiser on Sept. 7. Now I start the painting of the English bulldog puppy.

Last night I went to the Fair Haven Fireman's Fair for dinner with friends.

So, no knitting time.80(

Today I will knit. And today I start leafing through all the blogs I've bookmarked to teach myself how to make this blog super duper good.

So, happy knitting everyone!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Learning more every day!

So, I've been collecting blog sites and have a lot of research to do.

But I'm already getting comments, and they're coming from all over the world!

I've started developing a new knitting basket pattern for fall. And it's so much fun and such a challenge! I'll have three baskets to felt in the washer this afternoon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Knitting keeps me centered

Knitting helps me f eel centered. And believe me! Nowadays I need something that will keep me from flying off the planet!

My daughter is in her year of college, her second semester at University. I found out yesterday that she failed 2 classes last semester and is on probation. How did I find this out? By going through her drawers, looking for the bill she got last winter from the Motor Vehicle Commission, for her surcharge. She never paid it and now she is revoked.... yet again! I didn't find the bill.

So now I pull out my knitting nnedles and follow my pattern and become engrossed in the color and placement of the stitches. Knitting is contempletive. I do my best thinking either in my car, driving ,or while I'm knitting.

Now I have plan. It's time to push this bird a little further out of the nest. I'm not kicking her out, just giving her more freedom than she's had before.

I'm signing the car over to her. She's being removed from our auto insurance and getting her own policy. I'm giving her back her debit card. ( We had taken it because she continues to over draw her account. ) And, I'll no longer oopen her mail,.(In order to let her know what bills and important papers come in. ) From now on all mail will be forwarded to her at school.

And, in the future, when I have anxiety over her antics, I'll send up prayers and pull out the knitting.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A New Beginning

I love yarn! I love natural fiber! I love cotton and wool and rayon and linen and all natural fabrics!

I've been knitting since I was 21 years old. I started knitting for 2 reasons:

My mom told me I could never learn becasue I was left handed. (She obviously never did two color knitting!)
When I was a little girl my cousin in Scotland sent me a beautiful handknit sweater of wonderful golden yellow wool. It had cables and I loved it! And the first thing my mom did was throw it in the washer and dryer! I never got to wear it.

So now I knit my own beautiful cabled wool sweaters.

I have to knit every day. I just have to!
I have learned to love felting! I make some pretty awesome stuff by shrinking things I have knit.

here's a couple of examples:


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