Friday, December 31, 2010

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge: Well, how did it go?

What were my artistic objectives in 2010?

The first one that comes to mind is that I wanted to make canes and sell them. I wanted to know if I had truly latched on to an idea that would satisfy me and that I could sell enough of to allow me to continue to make them.

The conclusion to this resolution:
I've sold right around 20 "Inspirational Puzzle Canes".
I did my first "Mega Show"
I didn't sell enough to cover the cost of the show, I did sell enough to convince me to keep on trying! I know what to do to be more successful at the show I'll be doing in March.

My second objective?

( my "Alms" bowl; Throw your spare change in,
and when it's full send it to the charity of your choice.)

To call myself a professional potter.
I bought a kiln in October, 2009.
I started reaquainting myself with the medium in December, 2009.
I bought a kick wheel in April, 2010

My year end conclusion?

I have developed the biginnings of a line of ecumenical ceramic pieces that I hope to refine and present for sale in 2011.

I've also taken several custom jobs, providing folks with pottery items that are
"just what they wanted!"

My third objective:

To move into the little cabin I own, which I've had to keep rented in order to pay the mortgage, and to make enough art to pay the monthly rent. I use it as a studio. I don't live there, but I sure could!

The conclusion:
Well, not yet. I only moved in in September. But I'm well on my way! And the joy I feel while working in my special place is, indeed, priceless!

My fourth objective:

To treat my art as a full time job.
To have a "Place to Go" to get away from phones, friends, family and concentrate soley on my "play". It takes up many hours. (Or, rather, the time I'm not there takes up many hours. The hours I'm there fly by like minutes!


As a Christian, my goal has always been to hear what the Lord is saying to me and to do His will. I think, maybe, I'm finally listening!

I don't think I could be much happier than I am right now!
It's like I've found the life I've been looking for all along!

There is a contentment in my center and an anticipation of continued success.

God is very, very good to me!

Whimsey Wednesday: The Queen is not amused!

I have been commissioned illustrate a little book about the ant and the grasshopper, or in this case, cricket!

This is a rough sketch of the "Queen Ant".

By the time I'm done with her, I'm sure she'll be Opulent!

Maybe I'll have her finished by next Wednesday!


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