Saturday, July 4, 2009

My other incarnation

This is me and little Hannah, up at 
the old Homestead.  That was 15 years
ago.  Now she's an avid listener....
to what I call "Screaming 
music."  But that's OK, she'll come around.


I saw this PBS ahow last week about the effects of music on different kinds of people.  They said some folks have to have music every day.  Even if they can't hear it being played, either live or recorded they will make music in their heads, or sing.

Other people don't care anything for music.  They can go
 on and on for days and never even think about music.

I am the former.  My husband if the latter!

I have so many acoustic instruments stored away in corners and cubbies all over the house.
He keeps his truck radio tuned to AM Talk Radio.  EEEuuuwwww!!!!!

This slightly scewed veiw is
of me, sitting on the banks
of the Navesink River.  
Do I mind that the
photo is a little off kilter?
Why should I?
I'm a little off kilter!

My weakness is traditional folk music.
I can listen to it all day everyday.  I guess it's because I love a good story.
And the ballads make me so emotional. It's so important to feel!

How about you? What's your favorite music?


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