Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Up to my elbows in "How to Market" books

"I'm up to my elbows in "How to Market" books!  I've taken out several from the library and have been poring over them each night before I turn out the light.  I keep my notebook handy and jot down phrases and quotes that I think will help me to focus on the task of successfully promoting my artistic work.  I also take down lists of what I should do and what I should be doing.  I keep hoping that somehow, in some magical way,  it will all begin to line up in my brain and make some kind of sense.

What I read last night, in Craft Inc. is that I need to find my own personal style that stands out and sets me apart from the millions of other people selling their wares.  

I need to discover whether I'm serious or whimsical.  Am I country or urbane?  Would my works appeal more to younger people or more mature folks?

But then, in the very next sentence there seems to be a discrepancy.  I need to remember that the most important thing is to do what I love and not cater to the whims of fashion.  If I do what I love then I'll be happy and will draw folks to me with my positive energy.  

So, how's that been working for me so far?  Guess! 80)

Do I sound just a tad jaded?

Well, I still have Marketing for Dummies and Guerrilla Marketing to slog through.

I will figure out how to make wonderful things that make me happy and fulfilled and I will figure out the best way to present them to the public in a way that will draw people to my web sites so that they can ooh and aah over my wonderful wares and just have to buy them!

I wish there was a check list somewhere that I could use  that allow me to just follow the rules and get success.

Oh well.



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