Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My World is Spinning!

(photo courtesy Google Images)
This is a Samoyed dog. They are very fluffy and they shed alot!

Here is a bag of Samoyed dog fur. It's been compressed
so that it's easier to put in a box and mail to me.

This is a drum carder. It's used to fluff up the dog
fur and cause the fibers to run
in the same direction.

When the fur has been run through the drum carder it looks like this

This is called a bat. It's what's lifted off the drum carder. Now the fur is fluffy and straightened out so that it will be easier to spin.

Here's what a pile of fluffy Samoyed dog fur
bats looks like.
Looks yummy, huh?

Now I take the fluffy fur and spin it into yarn on my trusty
Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel.

Here's a little bit of Samoyed yarn, still on the bobbin.

And here, at last, are some skeins of Samoyed yarn!
Soft and lofty.

That gallon sized ziplock bag will produce enough yarn for a small crocheted blanket that will be soft and warm.


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