Sunday, February 21, 2010

Knee deep in poop

Proverbs 14:4
Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty,
but from the strength of the ox comes an abundant harvest.

This scripture hit me right between the eyes!

I try to read the bible every night.
And when I've finished one book and
maybe not sure where I'm supposed to go next,
I'll read Proverbs, starting with
whatever the corresponding date is.

So, on January 14, I read Proverbs 14.
And it was like the skies parted and
the son shine poured forth!

What does Proverbs 14:4 say to me?

A person can live a tidy life, where things stay the same
and nothing is ever hard. But! If you want
to achieve anything worthwhile,
then life is gunna get messy!

Hard work means mess. It means rolling up your sleeves and
getting knee deep in what the ox produces.
If you want to lead a healthy life,
then you have to deal with the poop!

"Hard work never killed anybody." Who said that?
I can't remember, but I know it applies to my life.

And! Not only do we have the benefit of the ox, (all that hard work)
but we have all that lovely poop to spread around and
increase our yield!

So, if I want to succeed, I have to deal with the poop.
Nay! I have to relish the poop!

I'm gunna dig in and increase my yield!
How about you?

Friday, February 5, 2010

That Darned Global Warming!

Maryland is supposed to get 30 + inches of snow this weekend! They say Washington DC is staged to have the biggest snow fall year in recorded history.
Here in New Jersey, they "say" we "might" get 6 to 12+ inches. But!

If you look at the map of the Eastern Seaboard, with all the lovely shades of pink and purple, the deep purple of Maryland is also the deep purple of the New Jersey coastline.


The thing is, I've always been a sucker for weather. I mean, I love storms! I love blizzards! I love Nor' Easters and hurricanes! I love the feeling I get when I know the house is well stocked, so that, if we would should get cut off from the rest of hu
manity, we'll have enough to get us through until we can be dug out, reached by helicopter, rescued by boat.

The only kind of weather that I really can't stand is hot and humid.

My friends all think I'm crazy (But that's beside the point.) They all make awful faces whenever anyone mentions snow. And there I am, waving my fists in the air! Doin' my little happy dance!

So, I've got my knitting, and my paint projects, and my sketch pad and fancy ideas to get down on paper.

I'm set! How about you?


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