Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inspiration Avenue weekly challenge; Once Upon a time.... The Tim Tam Tree


A Po-em by Judy Goddard
(She holds a daisy and bows)

Willie was a little boy who very slowly grew.

He lived in the far off land of the red kangaroo.

Wille didn't want to eat, each meal he'd try to flim flam

The only thing to pass his lips were biscuits labeled Tim Tam

Each night his mum and dad would shake their heads and worry.

Willie climbed the stairs to bed, but he was in no hurry!

He snuggled down beneath the covers to wait for sleep to come

And as he drifted off to sleep, he pretended he had, at least, a crumb.

A dreamy dream came to him and what did he see?

Upon a distant hill a wonderful and dreamy tree!

Running in the dreamy grass, he couldn't wait to reach

The lovely hill and fancy tree bright with fruit, he could not reach!

Up he spread his little arms and joyously he found

The branches of the mighty tree bending toward the ground.

At last! He thought and then he danced round and round that tree

And gathered up the those wondrous fruits, Tim Tam biscuits falling free!

All that night he sat and ate until he couldn't eat no more

And when he woke, here's what he found;

Tim Tam wrappers, like fallen leaves, littering his bedroom floor!


This painting was one of my first "Alchemy" special Etsy orders, painted for a five year old boy.

You can see other examples of my whimsical artwork at my Etsy shop!

Thank you, Pat for spurring my imagination to write this poem!


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