Friday, July 17, 2009

Inside the mysterious Oom

Last week I told you all about my office building.  This week I'm taking you into the realm of Oom.

As you can see, there's a lot of artistic thought that goes on in this particular Oom.  ( You know the old cliche, "Creative Minds Live Cluttered Lives.)  I prove that rule!

The TV is my radio.  
With Direct TV I get XM satalite radio. 
I get to listen to my folk music all day long!

This is my Victoria Recording Machine.
With it I'll record about 400 LPs and
cassettes on to disk.

This was the first cabinet installed.
It was first hung to hold the baking 
supplies for the baking business 
that never took off.

This is my fiber cabinet. Felt, Yarn, Rayon, Buckrum, Cotton Jersey,  and Clock Parts. (?)

And tell me, what would a Spair Oom be without a War Drobe?

This is where I store my Custom Canvas Growth Chart supplies and finished pieces.

Is this the door to Narnia?  "Further up and further in!"

This my studio!  This where I can escape the bills, the kids, the troubles of this world.
Here I can immerse myself in my own world of color and clarity. (At least for a couple of hours.)


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