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May 26, 2011; The Progressive Loon Hunt

When I arranged with my sister to come and spend some time with her at her beautiful home in Western Maine, one of the questions she asked me was, "What is one thing that you really want to do or see?"

It didn't take me more than a minute to respond, "I want to see and/or hear a loon!"  I've been a birder most of my life and although I'd been to Maine a couple of times already, I'd never seen or heard a loon.

A couple of days after my request Ginni emailed me the exciting news,  "I have some friends who live on lakes.  We can go kayaking and they guarantee you'll see a loon!"

(Now, I'd never met her friends, but I've lived with me all my life and I know, when hearing a phrase like that I'm pretty much sure I won't see a loon.)  But, ever hopeful, I got excited and looked forward to not only seeing my loon but meeting my sister's friends as well.

Ginni, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is a yoga instructor and the ladies who so fervently assured me of a loon viewing are all members of her Thursday afternoon class in Rangeley, Maine.

Our first stop was to visit Jeannine, (a poster artist) who lives on Long Pond, in a wonderfully funky cabin that was originally built in the 1960s.  It's filled with wonderful art, a mad collection of fabulous antique furnishings and the most amazing view of the lake!  Dawn,  another yoga enthusiast joined us there as well.
Long Pond (aka Bear Mountain Lake)

Notice the ripples in the water?  It was very windy all day long.  Not a good day for small craft boating!  80(  But we got the binoculars out and scanned and scanned.  And Ginni was pretty sure she saw one!  Just near this lovely point.  But look as I might, I couldn't see one.  But what I did see was wonderful!  And Jeannine was a gracious host, providing wine and snacks and introducing us to her newest small furry doggie friend.

After this, the first leg of our adventure, we jumped in our cars and drove over to the home of Ainsley and Dolly.  They live on Loon Lake.  (Sounds like a likely spot, eh?)  Ainsley and Dolly live a log cabin, right on the edge of Loon Lake, with their four dogs.

Ainsley is an artist, working as stone turner.  She makes exquisite bowls, bottles and vases.  Her studio is in a little cabin that sits right next to her home.

We walked through the pines to the edge of the lake.  We steppped out on the boulders and we ventured onto the dock, but, search as we might, there were no loons!

Loon Lake

Left to Right;
Jeannine, Ginni, Dawn, Me and Ainsley
Porter is in front.
This is Dolly.
She took the photo

So, intesad of standing around feeling sorry for ourselves, we went inside and had a little wine!

The next stop on the Progressive Loon Hunt was to Dawn's house.  She lives on Quimby Pond.

She is a scientist and world traveler and makes stained glass as a hobby.
Quimby Pond

Well, the wind still hadn't died down.  It was late in the afternoon, really more like early evening.  We stood on the dock and scanned the coves for signs of loonage.  We did actually think we'd seen a couple, but they turned out to be something in the water that wasn't moving.  That's a dead giveaway that they aren't alive.  But we went inside, met Mr. Dawn and got to see her little cubby of a stained glass space.  And we got hear about the time her cats cornered the mink in the cellar!

After that it was definitely time to say our farewells.  No loons. 80(
But I had a wonderful time.  I feel that I really got a chance to know the great folks my sister hangs out with.  They are all such special people, each with their own unique artistic leaning.

As I've mentioned before, Ginni has an incredible gift of hospitality, truly an artist in her own right!

On the way home we made one last stop at Rangeley Lake, just a stop at the scenic pull over, but by then sun was setting, the wind was still blowing and there wasn't a loon to be seen.

Rangeley Lake

Ah well.  What a wondeful day I had!


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