Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Christmas Look

Is it time? Am I too late? It is, after all October 18th! Yesterday I started uploading Christmas photos on my Etsy shop.
All my Little Felted Baskets are getting a holiday spiff up.

What are Little Felted Baskets?
They serve many happy purposes.
They're little gift holders
little candy baskets
little oranments
lovely little decorations for your table or mantle piece.

Who knew that spending the afternoon taking photos
could be so tiring. But it was fun and I look forward to
continueing with the holiday theme.

If you are visiting this blog, please take a look at my Etsy shop and let me know what you think. Are the photos good enough? Do they convey holiday warmth and the spirit of Christmas?

I know I've got some photos to retake. I'll get it right.
I'll be shooting most of my stock in holiday settings.


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