Friday, August 5, 2011

New and Amusing, at least to me.


If I named my chickens I'd call her "Pinky"
We have achieved chick!  I walked into the Spare Oom this morning and found  this little beauty waiting for me!

How exciting!  Now we have to go to the feed store and buy a bag of
"chick starter"  There will be sisters , and probably a brother or two.  This makes me happy!

Last night Tom and I took a stroll through the veggie garden and found these wonders!  That's our first  tomato!  

You see, this is our first successful garden in many years.  In 2000 we got our goats and then we had to adapt to the learning of curve of, "if goats can find a way out, they will." and the first place they would head was the veggie garden.  Then, in 2002 I became sick with Lyme disease and was ill for 4 years.  So there was no gardening during that time.  Last year we tried again but were not so successful.  THIS YEAR we decided that we would make a team effort, work together and see if we could really make it work this time.  Jeepers!  Such lushness!  And yet another learning curve of, "how can we make it better next year!?!"


I've been working on a new idea.  I'm developing what I call a "Cane Handle Cozy"  My first attempt was a knitted cozy that slipped over the handle.

When I asked people's opinion, the number one concern was the that the cozy would be slidey and folks would be uncomfortable, fearful of their grip slipping.  And they were slippery that way.

So next attempt is made of handmade felt, lined with rubber.  It sure doesn't slip!  I still have to tweak it, but I should have a finished product really soon.


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