Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What's done is done

This the first time my President has been younger than me. This feeling is kind of like the first time I watched the Miss America and realized that, even if I were single, I would be too old to participate. I told my daughter that it really doesn't matter who is elected. Nothing much will change no matter who you vote for. And, for the nost part, I believe that. And for the least part I hope and pray so.

He seems like a genuinely sincere person. I can only expect that he feels he can, indeed, affect change. I don't think the country's policies will promote Spiritual Growth. And I, as a conserative person, may lose some of my freedom.

Do I feel safe? Not right at the moment. But at least my health benefits won't be taxed.


Maybe the economy will pick up and folks will decide that they just can't live with out one of those fabulous Handknit Felted Baskets! Or that the best way to celebrate the birth of a new baby is to Buy him/her an Incredibly Cute Canvas Growth Chart!

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