Thursday, October 16, 2008

It all Started With The Turkey

My family lives on 16 acres of wooded land, right in the middle of New Jersey. Our driveway wends through the woods to the back of the property. 30 feet behind our house is a cedar creek.

About 7 days ago my husband and I had what we like to call a "Turkey Blessing". It was dusk and we were standing in our kitchen. All of a sudden the dog, who was standing by the french doors, began to growl. The hackles on her back went up. As we peered out the doors we saw a wild turkey in our back yard. It was a big tom and his head was bright turquois blue. We watched him saunter through the yard , heading for the creek. All of a sudden he bobbed up and down a coouple of times and lifted off the ground, flying across the creek and landing in a tree on the other side. He was roosting for the night. Then, incredibly enough, we watched 10 others walk into our back yard, bob up and down and fly up into the trees. They each took turns and picked a different tree. It was the coolest thing!!

So, that was the first. Two days ago, as I was standing in the living room, looking at the bird feeder, all of sudden, there was a flash of golden brown! The little chickadees all scattered and a sparrow hawk careened into our plate glass window! He didn't hurt himself, neither did he catch a chickadee. And from 4:00 pm when it happened until the next morning, there were no little birds at our feeder.

Yesteday, around noon time, I was walking out of our local boy scout headquarters and I heard a red tailed hawk, right over my head! I looked up and searched the tree tops, but I couldn't find him/her. I thought maybe I'd see him flying in the clear blue sky, but he was gone.

And, last night, while we were praparing for bed, we heard a great horned owl hoo-hoo- hooing, right out our bedroom window!

I love where I live! I'm so grateful for the gift of this place and the stewardship that has been placed upon me. I think God put the right person in charge of this little wilderness.
NOTE: All photos obtained through Google images.


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