Thursday, September 11, 2008

It Was a Day Just Like Today

It was a day, just like today.

I got up early to get my daughter on the school bus and then went back to sleep. I was up again around 8:45 and turned on the tv, just in time to hear Matt Lauer declare that a plane had just hit the first tower. They didn't know what was happeneing. I was glued to my set.

Minutes later Matt Lauer, in undisguised shock told us the other tower had been hit and it was now confirmed as a terrorist attack. Next came the news from Washington DC, and lastly from central PA.

The events unrolled before my eyes and I could not look away. Horror upon horror. Evil after evil. So horrid that I could not believe my eyes. I remember thinking, sometime during that morning, that it was too aweful to be real. It had to be a movie I was watching. And as my eyes took in each new layer, I sunk deeper into myself and crying out to God. I prayed, and pleaded and suffered.

I remember going outside to look at the sky. On the tv, the sky was filled with the thick all enveloping smoke that poured into the blue cloudless sky. And when I stepped off the porch and looked up, all I could see was clear, pristine blue. I thought I would be able to see the billowing smoke. After all, I was only 25 miles away from Manhatten, as the crow flies. And I thought to myself, " But the sky is so blue!"

I am deeply thankful that no one I know was murdered that day. My dear friend Bob escaped from the second tower just in time to be smothered by the smoke. But he did survuve, only losing his job, and maybe a little of his sanity.
He talked about it all the time for about 6 months, and hasn't mentioned since. I'll be seeing him at scouts tonight. He's my daughter's Venture leader.

I'll have an extra big hug for him.

And when I wake up tomorrow,c it won't be 9/11 anymore. I'll start to heal all over again. Until about week before the next 9/11.


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