Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tea for Two, Me and You

Anam Cara ~ Heart Friend, Closer than a sister, Soul to soul.  That's what Maureen is for me.

This tea cup was made from the clay my husband dug out of the ground.

I'm developing a line of pottery that I'm calling, "Mercy Mugs."  They aren't perfect.  Some of them are lopsided.  Some of them are cockeyed.  Some of them have lumps and bumps that you probably wouldn't find a finished, retail mug.  But that's the point.

Just as God shows mercy to us even though we are lopsided, lumpy bumpy imperfect examples, so I'm showing mercy to these mugs.  And you look at them, maybe you'll remember the mercy shown to you, and be grateful.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Creating My Brand

This is also my entry for Inspiration Avenue's weekly challenge: WINGS

 I'm getting ready to purchase a booth banner.
       Please leave me a comment and tell me what you truly think of this banner. 

What describes my brand?

Leaning on the Promises
I hand paint walking canes and sticks and hiking sticks.
When I look at my competition I see nice products that are mostly carved or that derive their artfulness from the combination of different woods.
Mine are distinctive because I paint them.  They are finer than most.  They are “eye popping”.

What makes my canes different?
My attention to detail.
My color choices;  
(I only use 7 bottles of paint; black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, silver and gold)  All of the variations you see are a result of my own blending.
My sense of imagination and playfulness. 
My desire to provide a useful product that inspires Spiritual thoughtfulness. 
But my brand is not just my product.  It’s also my desire and ability to delight my customers.
answer these three questions?
What do people value most about your organization?
I deliver what they expect, or beyond their expectations.  What they see in my shop, or what I deliver in sketches and communications is what they receive.  I also make sure that they receive their product on or before schedule.
What makes you distinctive from your competitors?
The quality of my artwork sets me apart from my competitors.  Most of the canes I see on Etsy are beautiful in different ways.  And for those who cherish the beauty of natural woods, there are plenty to choose from.  But my canes make a different statement.  I strive for “eye popping whimsey”.  Whether a customer considers my work folk art, decorative painting, fine craft, my goal is to paint something that delights the eye.
The second part, but not the second in importance is that I include words of inspiration, cunningly incorporated, as a puzzle.  Each puzzle cane has a snippet of scripture or of a popular prayer, written in such a way that, in order to read it easily, you must know the “key”.
What is it that you do well and consistently deliver to your customers?
My number one desire is to delight my customers.  Nothing is more important than that!  I will bend over backwards to bring the exact details to my custom orders that my customers expect.


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