Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boy Scouts; it isn't just for boys anymore!

In  1998, the Boy Scouts of America instituted a new branch of boy scouting.  It's called "Venturing"  and is targeting boys and girls  ages of 14 through 20.  Kids who are interested in high adventure, art, and sports are joining in record numbers.  Some churches use Venturing as their youth group programs.

My daughter was a charter member of the first co-ed crew in our council.  She was the first, in our council, to spend a week at boy scout camp, the first girl to hike a trek at Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico, from our council. 

   Did I mention she was the first girl volunteer sent to the National Jamboree, from our council as well?

Do you know a girl who likes to rock climb?  Hike for miles with a 45 lb pack on her back, shot rifles and pistols?  I do!  And I get to see her do it all the time!  Not only am I her mother, but a crew advisor as well!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Learning the Ropes

Lately I've been able to concentrate a little more steadily on promotion of my Etsy shops.  I've figured out how to plant Etsy minis on my blog and on my Facebook account, and how to change out my avatar on Twitter.  And I've sold two canvas growth charts in one week!  Way!
I did a voltunteer job this week for my daughter's Venturing Crew.  A couple of weeks ago they tie dyed t shirts to where at this weekends 
Venture Daze Camperee at Boy Scout Camp.  I took all 16 of them and stenciled on our crew number; Crew 144.  I think they cam out smashing!

I've also been posting more items on my Etsy supply shop, www.finishthis.etsy.com.
I've come into a wind fall of vintage knitting and crochet books and ma
gazines.  I'm gleaning out of them all the things I really want to make and then listing them.  They're a neat little picture of the past.

I think I'm finally begin
ning , just beginning, to understand the whole marketing thing.  Well, maybe not, but if I take things tiny step by tiny sep I just might ma
ke some progress.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

In Isaiah 54:2,3 God spoke to Israel as to a barron woman. He told her to get ready because the Love that he would pour out on her would be a great blessing, like many children.

Isaiah 54:2,3 (NASB)

Enlarge the place of yur tent, stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not, lengthen your cords and strengthen your pegs. For you will spread out abroad to the right and the left. And your decendants will possess the nations and will resettle the desolate cities.

Rol and Joan, you prepared. You enlarged your tent so that it was never full.

Hundreds of children came through your doors and shared communion in your living room. You taught us to Love God's Word and to believe God's Word. You told us that if we trusted theword of God, he would change our lives.

And these children - your children - have gone out to possess nations in God's name; and they have prayed the renewal of life into desolate places.

Thank you. I love you!


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