Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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The Farm
About half of my garden has now now gone to seed.  But that's a good thing!  Having only purchased Heirloom Seeds this past winter, it's exactly what I've been waiting for!  We've had a wonderful bounty of lettuce, peas and beans.  The broccoli, not so much. 80(   I started out with 12 healthy seedlings.  Most were gobbled up by some yucky looking caterpillars.  But 4 remained to grow into lush plants.  But of those 4, only one developed a head!  So, I carefully watched it and saved it and let go to seed.  The only problem was, when the flowers dried up and fell off I couldn't find any seeds!   I think I waited too long to harvest them.  By the time I went to do so the pods had already fallen off.  Next year I need to look for things that look like they might be unopened flowers that have turned brown.  Apparently they are the seed pods.  So, I live and I learn.

Tom Thumb Lettuce
pole beans, Kentucky Wonder

snap peas
 Ah!  Next years harvest, safely put away!  Next February, when my mind turns to the growing of things green, I can gaze at my seeds and smile.

The Cabin
Last fall, while wandering through Lowes, we stumbled upon a display of outdoor braziers and indoor wood stoves.  I fell in love with this funky little cast iron number, and since it was relatively inexpensive, we decided to buy it for the cabin.  Since I live in the woods and we need to cut fire wood anyway, we figured it would be a great solution to the "electric space heater problem".

Tom priced stove piping and discovered that it's (to us) astronomically expensive.  So, being the mason that he is, he is building me a chimney!  And, right beside the steps on the deck is the beginning of a respectable wood pile.  It's up on blocks because every once in a blue moon the creek floods and we wouldn't want our hard earned firewood to float down to the sea!

The Cane Cozies
I'm working away on the concept of the Cane Handle Cozies.  I'd figured out a way of attaching buckram to one side and then using velcro as a closure.  I wasn't happy with it.  It was still bulky and I didn't like the way it looked when it was fastened.  So, on I go, looking for the perfect solution.

The Biz
11 days and counting down to my next craft show.  It'll be at the JCC of LBI, in Surf City, at the Fire House.  I always feel like I won't be ready.  I'll be ready!

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