Monday, July 16, 2012

That's It! I'm Painting the Car!

 Finally!  At the ripe old age of 52 I've made it to Woodstock!  I went with my husband's boy scout troop last weekend and did we have a ball?  You bet!  But the biggest thrill was seeing the bus!

In 1992 we had a blue '83 Dodge Colt.  It had been in a front end accident and we had to replace the hood and front fenders and the parts we got were white.  Well!  I certainly couldn't leave it looking like that!  So I painted a huge sunburst on it!  (If I could find a photo I'd post it, but alas, I can't.)  We drove it like that for 3 years.  I named it the "Trigger Sunshine Mobile".

Fast forward a couple of decades.  We bought a silver PT Cruiser.  The moment I knew we'd be buying it I thought to myself, "This baby's getting painted,  just as soon as it's paid off!"  We paid it off a couple of years ago and I just haven't done it.

But!  Now that I've been to Yazgur's Farm, and seen that beautiful bus, I'm all fired up and rarin' to go!

It's gunna take a lot of paint.  I'll be buying it a little at a time.  Hmmm...... Should I paint bits as I get the paint or should I wait till I have the whole lot and do in all at once?

More photos to follow!

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