Monday, December 13, 2010

The Juxtaposition Between Faith and Fantasy

How's THAT for a title!?
I'm submitting my Christmas Card, for now, although many of you have already seen it in the challege for Whimsey Wednesday.

I really think the theme lends itself to further contemplation.

(my, my! how wordy she is this morning!)

See, the thing is, I've always been one of those folk who really, really, really want fairies to be real! But I'm also a person of deep faith in the reality of God and His plan for my life.

So, while raising my kids, I truly wanted to let them know that imagination is a wonderful gift and we should use ours every day.
So, with that said, when you look at the image on my Christmas card, what do you think of?


Let me submit to you the inscription on my card...

"Santa's Helper wanted to wish you a happy holidays, But.....

He was momentarily distracted by the truth.

Our wish for you is a Very Merry Christmas and the deepest blessings for 2011."

And that goes to all of my incredibly important cyber friends, who, although I may never meet you face to face, I love and appreciate with all my heart.



peggy gatto said...

1 word

EVA said...

He is wonderful!!! As all all your words. He'd also be perfect for IA's challenge this week of "Believe"
i love him!

Charlie said...

He is so cute! I love your sentiments. Thanks!

Amanda said...

Very well put. I can;t agree with you more. It is so wonderful to read your post and now know that there are others with similar thoughts. I am new to blogging and am very grateful for the wonderful people I am meeting. And like you said we may never meet face to face but I greatly appreciate getting to know you though these posts. I feel that life is never black and white, there is a whole lot of gray and that is why we have friends to help us through that discernment. Merry Christmas to you and wishing you a wonderful New Year. Happy Blogging! Amanda

Tammy said...

Hey girl, if you want to add your snail mail addy to the backroom, look at the top of the pag efor the link that says Snail Mail List

Judy Goddard said...

Thanx, Tammy! I'll go do that right now! 80)

gemma said...

This is great! Love the title, the art and truth.

Robin Norgren said...

love the wit in this card!


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