Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whimsey Wednesday

I've just found a new weekly challenge that I can participate in! It's at;

And Here's my first entry;

This is our tooth gorilla. He comes in the night and leaves crumpled dollar bills under our pillows when we loose a teeth. What he does with the teeth he collects, I have no idea!

When my children were very little, I came up with a way to celebrate joyous occasions in our house without leading them to misconceptions about truth and stories.

The tooth fairy, Cupid, the Easter Bunny and Santa were concepts I chose not to teach my children. I wanted them to be very certain of the difference between truth and make believe. But I still wanted them to be able to join in the fun related to the occasions surrounding these special events.

Thus was born the "Tooth Gorilla"! When you lose a tooth you put it under your pillow and the tooth gorilla will come while you are asleep and leave you a crumpled up dollar bill. (Gorillas are not real careful with money and often carry it in their tight fisted hands.)

Next came the Easter Gorilla, who hides your easter eggs. You will be certain to find a few cracked ones. (Gorillas don't have very good small motor skills, so they often drop the eggs while hiding them.) Sometimes he comes the night before and sometimes he comes while we are in church, remembering with joy how Jesus rose from the dead.

And, of course, there is the Valentine Gorilla who will show up sometime when no one is looking and leave a battered valentine and a box of chocolates. (One or two candies are sure to be missing, since the valentine gorilla has a sweet tooth and can not help himself!)

Odd? Quirky? Effective? For us, yes!

Next, I am working on Santa's Helper. He will be the focal point of my Christmas Card this year.


dthaase said...

ok - this is great...wonderful addition to the play - thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet gorilla!

Joyelle @ An Artful Endeavor said...

Hi Judy,

Thanks for visiting An Artful Endeavor! I love your gorilla :)
Your music is beautiful. Nice to meet a fellow singer/artist!

artangel said...

Lol I love him Judy - and that your family is beset year-round by various gorillas bearing gifts! I think they would be a great idea for a children's book!
PS I still think you could have named Angela the cat after me - even us angels have our naughty side! ;)


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