Thursday, October 2, 2008

THAT'S what friends are for!

OOf! What am I doing wrong??!! My head is in such a fog and I can't think straight. I'm not focusing and my heart is pounding! You know, my sales are pretty slumpy. And I just couldn't figure out what to do next.

So I called my BFF and cried to her my woes. And she, in her wisdom, got all efficient on my ass, helped me straighten out my path and gave me a pat on the back to gently push me forword.

And out of her mouth comes, " Merchandizing! Marketing! Take better pictures! Show people what the baskets can be used for! Give the world an idea of how wonderful your baskets are! Help them visualize how your handknit felted baskets will look when they use them as gift holders,
table accents, party favors!, thank you gifts!

I hurriedly wrote down, in lists, all she was saying, and what her words suggested to me, on how to market my wonderful baskets.

So! Now I have a clear path! Now I can settle my pounding heart and make lists of what to do first, second and third. ( and 18th, 19th and 20th)

I'm so grateful for a friend who hears my desperation and reaches down inside herself to come up with advise that is truly inspired. I'
m so blessed!


Emmy Lou said...

best of wishes on getting at it! it's great to have motivating friends!

TheresaJ said...

Everyone needs friends, or a friend, like that. To see and understand from someone else's point of view is a gift and where true learning comes from.


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